Series 1000

Mechanical torque wrenches

  • Wide range from 2,5 to 2000 Nm.
  • Precise and constant tightening: setting the proper torque
    is easy using a fold-away torque adjuster.
  • Thrust bearing for soft calibration purposes.
  • The handle turns freely to prevent accidental slipping of the torque setting.
  • Double signal when the set torque is reached: acoustical click and effort decrease.
  • Wrench re-sets automatically.
  • The sliding through square drive enables to effect right and left tightening.
  • Four scales: Nm, Kgfm,, Lbf.ft.
  • Guaranteed accuracy ± 4% in accordance with EN ISO 6789:2003.
  • Traceable calibration certificate through accredited laboratories.