Series 900

Series 900

Mechanical Torque Wrenches with Variable Geometry

Torque wrenches of new concept, designed and manufactured to exceed performances required by EN ISO 6789-1:2017.
The wrench works with a “variable arm clicker mechanism”.

Torque variations are obtained not by screwing or unscrewing a spring (the critical component in a standard click type wrench) but by a variation of levers positions.

The spring inside works always in the same condition, independently of torque selected.
This innovative system guarantees endurance and stability.

Series 900

Classic Torque Wrench – Limited Degrees of Release


  • With reversible ratchet head, universal fittings 9×12, 14×18 or 22×28
  • Quick and precise slide adjustment by unscrewing the knob and glinding the slider on the scale to the required value
  • With graduated scale in N·m and Lbf.ft
  • Excellent repeatability and reliability
  • Dual signal when the set torque is reached: acoustical click and effort decrease
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Accuracy ± 3%
  • Tool compliant with the EN ISO 6789-1: 2017 standard
  • Declaration of conformance with international traceability through accredited laboratories
Series 900