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The calibration certificates are recognized in all countries

The calibration certificates are recognized in all countries with mutual EA, IAF and ILAC agreement with accredited laboratory
Our calibration certificates are recognized for all type of torque wrenches of any manufacturer. On request, ACCREDIA certificate can be provided.

There is no legislation that prescribes when a torque wrench must be accompanied by an ACCREDIA certificate or when a traceable certificate is sufficient. ACCREDIA certification is recommended if the instrument is used as a reference for the calibration of other tools or if the instrument has a determining role for the quality of the work carried out; if, on the other hand, the instrument is used in a manufacturing process, certification with reference is sufficient. (The above is the orientation of the Primary Institute of Metrology, Certification Bodies, Inspectors and Consultants for Quality Certification).

Assistance and Services
Assistance and Services

Design and manufacture of special wrenches and relevant accessories
Our flexibility and the wide range of our production meet special requirements. We find out solutions aimed to special applications combining the torque tool with special fittings.


  • Calibration certificates with the traceability through calibration laboratories
  • After-sales assistance
  • Quick repairing service