Tecnogi - chiave dinamometrica serie 900Watch this video on YouTube

Software 7000G

The 7000G software allows you to view in real time on the pc the angle and tightening curve. The simultaneous viewing of multiple curves allows a fast comparison operation and can

Model 7600

New model that extended our range of digital torque wrenches to satisfy the most varied requirements. The 14×18 drive allows the use of any insert with 14×18 attachment (open end,

Version with 360° LED Indication and Lithium Batteries

For models 7050 – 7100 – 7200 – 7350 – 7600 – 7800 – 71000 is available a version with a 360° led band and lithium batteries. This version maintains

WI-FI Torque Wrenches

Wireless torque wrenches provided with LightWiFi software that allows to: • Display on screen in real time the values detected by the torque wrench • Program simple work cycles with

WI-FI Ultrasonic System

The system includes: • Torque wrenches equipped with ultrasonic module, 360° led band and lithium batteries with extractable cartridge system • Ultrasonic receiver • Battery charger 7000D-B • Control system