Wrenches and Tools Static Tester


  • Test, pulse tools and direct driven rotary power tools with mechanical joint simulator. Torque wrenches (electronic/digital, click)
  • Statistical Process Control: Measurement of machine capability (Cm, Cmk) and X, R charts
  • Test according to ISO 6789-1:2017
  • Automatic detection of the click point of click wrenches
  • Comparative test capability
  • Mechanical wrench loader for torque wrenches
  • External transducers connectivity for special tests
  • Standalone programming or program with SQnet+ quality management software. (on demand)

Technical Data

  • Torque range – 0.2 N·m ÷ 2500 N·m maximum (the range depends from the transducers configuration)
  • Torque measurement accuracy – 0.5% of the reading