Series 4000WC

Series 4000WC

Electromechanical Wrench

Mechanical click technology and digital technology with dedicated electronics combined in a single product.

The 4000WC series wrench is able to guarantee the execution of the tightening and/or check in advance and automatically if the joint is already tightened or seized.
Specially designed to speed up the production cycles in line by tracing the completion of the tightening.

This pre-set fixed calibration wrench connected to TecnoFIM unit sends the event of the operation made.
In addition to the typical audible “Click” of the shutter, the three-color LED strip on the wrench guides the operator in evaluating the tightening operations.


  • Pre-set, desired torque must be set using a torque analyzer through a tamper-proof key
  • Wireless communication of the result
  • Internal rechargeable battery with wireless charging cradle
  • Interface with TecnoFIM
  • Compact and robust
  • Accuracy in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 6789-1:2017
  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • 868/915 MHz wireless communication, with distance up to 10 mt
  • Range capacity from 2 to 350 N·m
  • LED band with 360 degree visibility
  • Universal connection 9×12 or 14×18, for use with interchangeable inserts
  • Tool compliant with the EN ISO 6789-1:2017 standard
  • Declaration of conformance with international traceability through accredited laboratories


  • Fail-safe production.
  • Multiple operators can work simultaneously with 4000WC wrench with TecnoFIM
  • Recognition of tightening errors (screws already tightened, screw seized)
  • Connectivity to remote devices and software
  • Reduces operator training
  • Easy and intuitive use through click-feedback
  • Traceability with a reliable and simple tool

4000WC – USB

Model with the same features as the 4000WC series but with rechargeable
batteries with USB cable – Add USB suffix to the chosen model.

Series 4000WC


Battery charger cradle

Series 4000WC