The TecnoFIM Controller allows to manage Tecnogi digital wrenches of the 4000WC and 7000W series.
It is possible to setup TecnoFIM to perform complex tightening sequences and to connect up to 4 independent tools.
TecnoFIM can manage wireless connections at 868/915 MHz, 2.4/5 GHz or both.

Furthermore TecnoFIM interfaces through different ways with the work environment:
• Via USB serial cable to PC or PLC.
• Via WiFi connection (if present).
• Via digital Inputs and Outputs with which to receive or send information and/or commands: the basic version includes 8+8 IN/OUT, expandable to 32+32.

TecnoFIM is powered with 12-36 Vcc voltage

Wireless connections with tools and working range:
• SubGHz wireless connection: 868 MHz/915 MHz – range up to 10 meters (in open air)
• 2.4 GHz WiFi connection – range up to 35/40 meters (in open air)
• 5 GHz WiFi connection – range up to 20/25 meters (in open air).


TecnoFIM must be configured by using Tecnofim Config software (included in the supply, to be installed on a PC), via serial connection and a USB cable, or with a wireless connection.
The dedicated software allows to set:

  • Tools typology and unique communication parameters: WiFi, SubG, cable and ID Tools
  • Setting the wireless network parameters if this connection possibility is present
  • “Trace” window of all messaging in transit
  • Setting of work sequences that TecnoFIM will manage independently with the configured Tools
  • Setting of the individual tightening phases to be inserted in the work sequences
  • Setting up of any TecnoFIM digital Inputs/Outputs and how these interface with the work phases and sequences
  • Firmware upgrade function of Tools
  • Firmware upgrade function of TecnoFIM itself