Wrench Graph

Wrench Graph

Wrench Graph

The Wrench Graph Software, installed on PC, dialogues with all 7000, 7000D and 7000-RS wrenches.

It is a simple tool but ideal for different analyses:

• Analysis of the tightening curve of a joint to determine the optimal tightening torque (example: relief of the boundary yeld point and determination of the
tightening torque at 90% of that limit).
• Analysis of the comparison of a tightening with respect to tightening reference curves.
• Tracking the torque trend and determining the maximum.
• Tracking the tightenings.

The Wrench Graph Software, in a single screen, allows to:

• Track the Torque/Angle or Torque/Time curve on screen, in real time.
• Automatically store the curve on PC in real time.
• Save a curve by customizing the name (for example, for having reference curves).
• View and/or delete curves shown on the screen.
• Load previously saved curves (example: reference curves) against which to make comparisons with new curves.
• Optimize some sampling parameters when capturing curves.

Graphical data is stored in text format for use in popular data analysis software.
Wrench Graph Software can be purchased with Code 7000G including dedicated cable.