Impact Wrenches

Impact Wrenches

Series TGAP

Impact wrenches developed for the industry field, infrastructures, industrial maintenance, mines and oil platforms.

Strong, reliable and long -lasting products manufactured with the best available technologies.

Included in the box

The package contains:

  • grease for hammer mechanism,
  • oil for impact wrench motors,
  • operating and maintenance manual,
  • after-sales suggestions

Hammer mechanism types

Impact Wrenches

3-jaw system

The 3-jaw system produces a single impact for each cycle on all 3-jaws and a high torque value.
This system also gives low vibration levels. This type is suggested mainly for tightening hard joints.

Advantages: Power – Reliability – Readiness

Available on TGAP217

Impact Wrenches

Pin-clutch system in oil bath

The pin-clutch system produces a single impact for each cycle. The strokes are made by two pins which are pitched directly on the shaft. This creates a balanced impulse and a lower vibration level compared to the others systems.

Advantages: Low vibrations – Low noisiness – Thanks to the oil bath: less maintenance, improved durability of the impact mechanism.

Available on TGAP246

Impact Wrenches

Twin-hammer system

The twin-hammer system produces a double impact for each cycle on both sides of the shaft. The use of 2 opposite hammers allows to obtain a balanced impact. It is mainly used for 1/2 inch impact wrenches.

Advantages: More economic – Durability due to the low effort.

Available on TGAP37 – TGAP1800 – TGAP3450 – TGAP3500